The best locations to get married in Europe

Good weather, romantic scenarios and, if possible, delicious food. Nowadays, these seem to be the criteria that couples take into consideration when choosing their wedding destination.And, from this point of view, Europe can satisfy all these needs

The Amalfi Coast – Italy

Mild temperatures throughout the whole year, amazing landscapes that are simply perfect for wedding photos, delicious food and tasty wine, perfectly in line with the italian tradition. What else do you need for a special wedding? Perhaps there is one more element that could make the difference: despite its popularity, the Amalfi Coast is not as expensive as you may think.


This mediterrenean island is becoming one of the most chosen destinations for weddings. Perhaps because of the spectacular scenery, perhaps because of the constant presence of the sun, Malta has earned its spot as a great wedding location, and rightfully so. From farm houses to beach spots, this island offers plenty of wedding venues. And, last but not least, the legislation allows you get married there even if you are not a resident of the country.

Tuscany – Italy

It is always hard to choose one destination among the many romantic areas that belong to Italy. However, if you are going to pick Tuscany, you will hardly make a mistake. The selection of venues is so vast that you just need to use your imagination. Plenty of italian villas for weddings a vineyard or even one of the many hilltop villages that will give you the chance to take wonderful pictures with the surroundings as background.

Olu Deniz – Turkey

The Turkish seaside place is one of the best wedding locations of the moment, especially if you dream about getting married surrounded by the view of white sand and the sound of crystal clear water. A wedding in Olu Deniz is a guarantee of stunning coastal scenarios, tropical weather and tasty, local food. And it all comes at an affordable price compared to many other “mainstream” destinations.

Mallorca – Spain

This mediterrenean paradise guarantees warm, sunny weather for a whole year and offers outstanding wedding locations for any taste. There are plenty of resorts located on the coast, luxurious hotels with terraces offering wonderful panorama but also farms that are perfect for those who want to feel the rustic, uncontaminated atmosphere.

Dordogne – France

If you want to feel like you have been brought back to the magic of the Middle Ages, surrounded by castles and villages, Dordogne is the perfect choice. You will have the chance to choose a magnificent chateaux or a manor house, located in the spectacular countryside, and you will be served by some of the most renowned chefs of the whole country. Itissimplymagical.

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