Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tour Deals For Thanksgiving Travelers

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Bus Tour Deals For Thanksgiving Travelers

Thanksgiving is the last big holiday before Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so it’s time that you start planning something special. From Las Vegas, your best option is a tour to the Grand Canyon, and with affordable bus tours, there’s no excuse for not getting out there and doing something different this year. Vegas is the ultimate gateway to the Canyon, because you can visit both the West and South rims. The West Rim is relatively close to the city, and is a little over 100 miles from the Vegas strip. The South Rim is further out, and the trip to Arizona will take around five and a half hours by bus. Whichever one you choose, you’ll enjoy a bonus stop off at the Hoover Dam, where you can see the impressive construction, as well as Lake Mead. Travelling to the West Rim If you choose to go to the West Rim, then you’ll be in for some special memories. The bare bones tour is the standard bus ride that takes you out to the Canyon, and then takes you back to Vegas later in the day. Of course, you can add on additional options to the tour, so if you have some additional budget to work with then you’ll be in for some fun. If you want to add some thrill to your adventure, then make sure you choose the Grand Canyon Skywalk VIP passes. By adding this to your package, you’ll have priority access to the amazing glass and steel platform that extends over the edge of the Canyon. You’ll be looking straight down to the bottom (4000ft below), and you’ll get up to 70ft from the edge of the Canyon. It’s a fantastic experience and the VIP tickets will allow you to cut through any long lines. There are also helicopter tours that you can include in your package, and my personal favorite is a landing tour that goes from the top of the West Rim, all the way to the bottom, setting you down next to the Colorado River. You can even add a boat tour on to this, giving you the most comprehensive Canyon adventure.

Visiting the South Rim in Arizona The West Rim is the most popular destination for tourists, but those willing to travel further to the South Rim will be rewarded by breathtaking scenery and unspoiled wilderness. Basic tours include lunch and a guide for the tour, and once you’re out at the South Rim you will have around three hours to explore the area. There are plenty of key landmarks and lookout points, and there are plenty of great photo opportunities. Like the West Rim, you can also add a helicopter flight to your tour package. There’s a 30-minute flight that will take you all the way to the North Rim, and I highly recommend it. You’ll fly through the deepest and widest section of the Canyon, and it’s worth it just to experience that moment. Book Early to Avoid Disappointment Thanksgiving holiday is going to be busy, so make sure you book prior to the day that you want to visit the Grand Canyon. I recommend booking 72 hours before the day, or if you want to make things even easier, just book once you confirm your accommodation in Las Vegas. Book online with your credit card and you’ll enjoy discounted rates and a guarantee that your seats are secured. Conclusion Instead of staying home this Thanksgiving, why not get out to the Canyon for a truly remarkable experience. With so many great bus tour options from Las Vegas, such as the West Rim and the Skywalk, or the South Rim and a chipper ride, you’ll be able to find the perfect one that meets your budget and sense of adventure.

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