Everything to Know About your Trip to Hawaii’s Big Island 

The only way to accurately describe Hawaii’s Big Island is by saying it is the ultimate paradise for every vacationer. There is simply not enough time in one visit to see all this natural world has to offer. There is enough to see and do here to last you many lifetimes.

The biggest problem that most folks face when they get here is being spoiled for options.

So, to help you make the most of your trip, we will provide you with some of the most important things to see and do that will keep you fascinated and engaged. This way, even if you do feel your time frames are cutting you a little short, you will leave the island having experienced something, or several things, that were truly breathtaking.

Best still, you can use our selection of the best sights and attractions of Hawaii’s Big Island as a springboard to plan your own special excursion. So, without further introduction, let’s take a closer look at some of the very best things to do on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Top Attractions on the Big Island

When most people think of Hawaii’s Big Island the same things come to mind, emerald slopes, sapphire seas, flamboyant flora, fascinating fauna and volcanoes. But even that doesn’t begin to tell of all the wonders and nature you are sure to find in this place. Since we are trying to narrow down our list of options, we have a difficult task on our hands.

In a perfect world, you could visit all of these in one day. But trying to place all the locations in one day’s trip gives very little time for stopping and drinking in the beauty and spectacular nature that is around you. So, if you only have a day to make your visit to Hawaii’s Big Island, here are some of the attractions we believe are most rewarding and can be fully enjoyed in a single day.

  • Begin your day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park hop in the waterfalls to cool off before you continue down to Waipio Valley:

Hawaii is by far one of the most beautiful countries and sceneries in the world. For this reason, making a list of the “must-see’s” is hard because you “must see’ ‘ it all. But at least these amazing points are among the highest rated by visitors since time immemorial. At the top of this list is Volcanoes National Park, there is simply so much to see and do here that you can just explore forever.

After passing the heat of the volcanoes, you will want to cool off. So, head on over to any of the numerous waterfalls for a picturesque natural shower. You could also kayak, hike or just wander around capturing the beauty around you. When you reach Waipio Valley you will see why this is the cherry on the top of a picturesque natural delicacy.

  • Swim with green sea turtles or manta rays then try some ziplining.

A vacation to the magical land of Hawaii is certainly a one-of-a-kind adventure and you are sure to see and experience things you will never experience anywhere else. For example, you can plunge into the ocean and swim with sea creatures that defy imagination. You could even take a leisurely glide over the jungle as you zipline from spot to spot high above the trees, rivers and waterfalls.

  • Eco-Adventures that end with nighttime stargazing

People get the wrong idea of eco-adventures . The obvious answer on the label says, being “ecologically conscious while still having a good time.”

But fasten your seat belts, or better said rise in your stirrups because setting across the magnificent landscape on horseback is high adventure at its finest. Be sure to bring your field glasses and you will be able to glimpse rare life forms that may soon vanish from existence.

You can be sure to see rare sights and sounds on this thrilling excursion across nature. If you are an avid bird watcher, or even just an amateur, you will be equally delighted to catch sight of some of the most fabulous feathered wonders in the natural world.

And no trip would be complete without an excursion to stargaze far from the lights of the continents. On a clear night and preferably a New Moon, you will be able to glimpse things in the sky you never imagined were possible to see from earth.

Evening Entertainment on the Big Island

If you would like to head out into the city for some fun and excitement, Hawaii’s Big Island has the best nightlife too.  What better way to end a day of adventure and begin a night of relaxation and recreation in the city than with some mouthwatering cuisine as you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean? This is a memorable occasion for families and couples to treasure forever.

But if you are looking for something you can do with a bunch of rowdy friends, you may be interested in a comedy show, magic show, dancing or an honest to god Luau. All activities are to be held under the presiding spirit of Aloha, and it is this amazing connection that is sure to bring you back to this land of magic soon.

Top Big Island Land Adventures And Sea Tours

Hawaii’s Big Island has the largest land mass of all the Hawaiian Islands and that’s why it gets the very descriptive name. But it is also growing larger everyday as well thanks to Kilauea. But it is all set for you to explore. Feel free to rent the type of car or motor vehicle that suits you.

Of course, you will have to make sure that you are perfectly comfortable in your car because you will spend a lot of time driving. You will also be doing a lot of hiking so bring appropriate footwear as well.  I would also suggest that you take a camera and binoculars because you will want to have clear memories and records of the sights you will find here on Hawaii’s Big Island.

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