Americans adore Tacos as much as they love Mexican dishes. Approximately 50% of Americans eat a taco once every eleven days. Although most people believe there is always a good time to eat tacos, there is no designated “taco time.” Are you trying to find the best tacos in the county, then? Here are some of Libertyville’s best taco spots:

Milwalky Taco

You and your friends can belly up at Milwalky Taco, situated at Milwalkee Avenue, and drown your sorrows in queso and tequila at the bar. Milwalky Taco has served genuine Mexican food in the center of the well-known downtown Libertyville since 2016. The menu is quite varied, with plenty of alternatives for vegetarians among its surprisingly simple selection of tacos. Here, your family may gather to celebrate any occasion or day while tucking into freshly cooked tacos filled with succulent meats and veggies.

Tacos El Norte

Visit Tacos El Norte at Round Lake Beach for incredible deals on tacos and other authentic Mexican food! What draws families and friends back time and time again is the excellent food, beverages, and service. Tacos El Norte is open 24 hours daily and provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are well-known for serving delicious Mexican food, but they also serve Latin American, Mexican, Mexican, caterers, and takeout. Enjoy the meals and full bar when you stop by on any occasion.

Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant

There’s no better spot in Libertyville to enjoy some tacos than Dos Amigos Mexican Restaurant! Dos Amigos opened its doors in February 2017 in Libertyville, Illinois, at the intersection of Milwaukee and Rockland. In addition to their stellar Mexican cuisine, they also provide Latin American and other cuisines. Their chefs and the genuine, fresh ingredients they use for every menu item are the foundation of it all.

Tacos del Ray de Oro

The Tacos El Rey De Oro Restaurant aims to provide a genuine Mexican dining experience. A range of authentic, classic foods and traditional Mexican tacos are available on their menu, all produced using conventional cooking methods. The restaurant has a complete bar with delicious margaritas and other cool drinks. Make plans to go so you can sample the delicious cuisine of Mexico and have a well-paired drink!

La Mera Mera Taqueria

“The One and Only” is the most appropriate translation of La Mera Mera Taqueria that immediately comes to mind. Located on Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, this Mexican restaurant serves Micheladas, Margaritas, and homemade tortillas for tacos, among other things! The menu stands out for its gourmet tacos, which incorporate original recipes from Mexico’s central and northern regions and the country’s southeast Pacific coast. The chefs will create the most flavorful traditional and genuine tacos using the most incredible ingredients and handcrafted tortillas.

Case Bonita

Nestled in the center of Libertyville’s quaint downtown, Casa Bonita is well-known for its extensive assortment of over 150 tequilas, mescal, and the “Perfect Margarita.” Casa Bonita is an independent restaurant with a creative twist on expertly prepared, traditional Mexican foods, with the most popular one being tacos. The food is prepared using only the finest, freshest ingredients that are hand-picked every day from nearby vendors, and they provide a variety of menu possibilities.

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