Russian Visa for Americans

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You can get visa to Russia just in the event that you are an American resident. In any case, you can apply in any office around the globe given that you have a living permit that enables you to remain in that nation longer than 3 months.

Stage 1: Get a Business, Private or Tourist Invitation

So as to apply for the long haul 3-year Russian visa, despite everything you require an invitation. Be that as it may, the formal necessities for such invitation are much lower and rely upon the cause behind your visit.

In case you’re going for tourism or in the event that you would prefer not to get into the inconvenience of asking your colleagues or companions composing the letter for you, you can in any case get a standard tourism invitation letter and afterward utilize it to apply for a long haul three year visitor visa. This should be possible through various services, including the online Russian visa support. Note that the invitation will even now be issued for not over 30 days, in any case, you can utilize it to get a long haul visa. Likewise, be readied that in light of the fact that the traveler has the money related certification just for multi month the department may ask you a proof that you have adequate assets for your travel (a bank proclamation or your pay slips would do).

How to Get Russian Visa for Americans

In case you’re travelling chiefly for business, you can ask your colleagues in Russia to keep in touch with you a business invitation on the letterhead of their organization and send you a scan by email. The invitation letter can be composed in free form, it doesn’t must have legal official evidence, and ought to contain the following:

  • The organization’s name, address, enlistment number, stamp, signature of the executive;
  • Your name, year of birth, passport number, and visa validation dates;
  • The appeal for to allow you a 3-year numerous section visa;
  • That dates of your arranged visits to Russia (you can change this later, in any case, the information in the invitation ought to have the exact dates and furthermore list the inns or spots where you will remain amid your visit)

Stage 2: Apply for a Long-Term 3-Year Russian Visa

Since you have an invitation, you can apply for the Russian visa. The principal run, and the most vital one, is that you ought to indicate the very same data in your Russian visa application frame (accessible on the office’s site) as in your invitation. Particularly, enticing party and the dates of your expected travel. On the off chance that you have a tourist’s invitation that is legitimate for 30 days, you should in any case indicate the proposed dates of your travel amid the following 3 years.

When you have the invitation and you rounded out the application form, your international ID, photographs, and other supporting reports, you can go to the office to apply for the Russian visa.


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