La Manga Spain’ s Weather

La Manga Spain' s Weather

La Manga Spain’ s Weather Located in Murcia on the coast of the Costa Calida, La Manga has that mild winter weather and hot summer. It is also home to fantastic golf courses and is popular for it’ s leisure activities You can catch sunshine here for over 320 days each year, and the temperature averaging at 20 degrees. Summer at La Manga can surely be hot but the breeze from the Mediterranean covers for it during winter, spring and summer and makes it comfortable. This will be the ultimate destination for the beach lover, for beach season lasts for a long time. Summer usually means a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees. But because La Manga is situated into the Murcian Hillside, days are usually hot, but the nights remain cool. In April 2008, a study was done by Halifax regarding the time the British stay in their hotels and resorts when in holiday with the results coming out as the British are away from their hotels or resorts at an average of seven hours a day. It also stated that 70% of Britons on package holidays does not prefer to explore out. The sun shines here at a rate of more than 2,800 hours or almost 300 days. This certainly seals the fact that almost everyday spent in Murcia is perfect for basking in the Spanish sun. Leave the jackets and winter attire at home, for you wouldn’t be needing them in a place where the average temperature is 20 degrees. Bring the summer clothes instead.

Shorts and t-shirts are still feasible to be worn during the cold months of November through March. La Manga Summer: Thanks to the Mediterranean sea breeze, the whopping 25-35 degrees average daily temperature of La Manga summers become comfortable. It is usually after 7:30 pm or so that the weather starts to cool. However, chances of rain will be very slim. La Manga Winter In comparison to northern Europe, the Murcia region is still enviable. Winters here are pleasant with sunny skies and less chances of raining. November is expected to be the wettest month and the true cold settles on the months of December and January though the pleasantness remains at 10 degrees. La Manga Spring and Autumn The weather here is perfect for activities to be done outdoor and it also warms the water up for swimming. 24 degrees are the usual temperature of La Manga autumns.

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