How long will it take to travel across various UK cities?

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Just how long will it take to travel across the UK’s busiest cities using a bicycle as opposed to getting behind the wheel or using public transport? Family-run cycling store Leisure Lakes Bikes aims to find out… London Population: 7,074,265* Route: From Royal London Hospital to King’s Cross Station Here, a typical journey will be as follows^:  It would take 33 minutes to complete the journey by taking the quickest route when driving (via the A501).  It would take 29 minutes to complete the journey by taking the…

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Villas on the Beach Holetown Barbados

Vacationers want to experience something new when they go to Barbados. That island has a vibrant community and plenty of culture to share along the way. Villas on the beach Holetown Barbados are a top draw for a good reason overall. These villas offer a scenic view of the water that people really do enjoy. See some incredible villas that offer a luxurious lifestyle right in the Caribbean. The people are friendly, and the local life is popular more than ever among visitors. Take advantage of a great opportunity while the opportunity still…

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